April 20th - Shins of Steele (John Steele)
April 20th - Saturday Showdown
April 20th - NGC 5 (Sam Nankani)
April 28th - Ni Yai Show (Christian Di Paolo)


May 4th - Shinkick Showdown
May 4th - ROAR (Christian Knowles)
May 4th - A Night of ThaiBoxing (Peter Crooke)
May 4th - Jonny T’s
May 5th - Rise of the Elite
May 11th - Diamond Fight (Rob Chippy Allen)
May 11th - Fighting Machines (Craig Machines Nield)
May 12th - Legend fight series
May 12th - Stand up & fight


June 8th - Rising Up (Kevin Harper)
June 8th - Champions Collide (Nathan Bendon)
June 8th - Blackpool Rebellion
June 8th - Evolution Show (Peter Crooke)
June 8th - Muay Thai Mayhem
June 15th - Combat Fight Series
June 22nd - Leicester Show (Jamie Knox)
June 22nd - Invictus (Karl & Mike)
June 23rd - Excalibur 4 (Nigel Thompson)
June 29th - MTGP Manchester (Philip Tieu)
June 29th - Blitz (Craig Floan)
June 29th - Fight Championship (Jompop Kiatphontip)


July 6th - MTGP London (Philip Tieu)
July 6th - Road to MTGP Stoke (Yogendra Parekh)
July 27th - YOKKAO 41-42 (Brian Calder)


August 3rd - Capital Punishment
August 3rd - MASDA Fight Night
August 24th - Science of 8 (Andy Howson)


September 7th - Stand your Ground
September 7th - Road To MTGP Shrewsbury (Yogendra Parekh)
September 14th - Nak Muay Legacy (Hamdi Karim)
September 21st - Foundry FN3
September 21st - ROAR London (Christian Knowles)
September 28th - ROAR Birmingham (Henry Cleminson)
September 28th - Revolution (Robert Morrison)


November 23rd - Unit 5 Home Show (Stu Holden)
November 30th - ROAR London (Christian Knowles)


December 7th - Victory (Craig Jose)