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FEATURE: NJB Muay Thai & Personal Fitness

Muay Thai Classes

NJB’s specialism is Thai boxing, we cater for ALL levels from complete beginners to multiple World Champions. With our scheduled time table and excellent trained coaching staff we can help you progress and improve your Muay Thai skills very quickly. NJB have gathered some of the most talented and active fighters in the UK to become the coaches and mentors at NJB – they are here to help YOU reach your goals, whether you want to become the next World Champion or just learn self-defence.

NJB’s junior classes are from age 5 to 14 years olds – split in to 2 classes of BEGINNERS and ADVANCED. NJB’s adult classes are split in to 2 classes of BEGINNERS and ADVANCED. Female ONLY classes are part of NJB’s timetable.

Our top priority is the safe guarding of our members, all the equipment will be provided FREE of charge whilst you are in our care. But NJB’s goal is to guide you through your development stages to become a Muay Thai fighter – OR you can just have FUN training.

Fitness Classes


NJB’s boxing classes are designed for all levels of ability. We provide a structured method of getting you to the next level of skill in the art of boxing. You heart rate will be pumping, and calories will be burned.


NJB’s circuit training sessions are designed and are suitable for ALL levels of fitness. All the activities are geared towards your current fitness level. We at NJB are here to help you improve your health and fitness.


NJB’s pad blast sessions are designed around simple techniques that teach you to hit the training pads with high speeds and force. This class is for all levels of ability.

Female ONLY classes are part of NJB’s timetable.


Nathan Bendon

The Head Coach is the owner of NJB and is the current Muay Thai Number 1 Champion at super lightweight (63.5Kg) in the UK. Nathan Bendon has been competing at the highest level for several years and wants to instill this desire of becoming a champion to all his members, but he is also happy to train you if all you want is to improve your health and fitness levels. He will guarantee to improve your well-being if his advice is adhered to. He wants YOU to be the best you can but also enjoy the sport.

Kawsar Ahmed

He is the dark horse of the team, with his great tactical and venomous fighting style, he can help train and produce fighters to a very high standard. He has fought top-ranked fighters on international stages and hold big wins over top opponents.

Nicola Kaye

She holds the number 1 spot at flyweight (52.5kg) and is highly respected within the Muay Thai fighting community. Nicola’s desire is to help members achieve their maximum potential. Remember Muay Thai is NOT just for men!


Monday 10:30am

Adult Muay Thai - All Levels

Monday 16:30pm

Junior Muay Thai - Beginners

Monday 17:30pm

Junior Muay Thai - Advanced

Monday 18:45pm

Adult Muay Thai - Beginners

Monday 19:45pm

Adult Muay Thai - Advanced

NEW Tuesday 18:00pm

Ladies Only Muay Thai

Tuesday 19:00pm

Adult Boxing - All Levels

Wednesday 16:30pm

Junior Muay Thai - Beginners

Wednesday 17:30pm

Junior Muay Thai - Advanced

Wednesday 18:45pm

Adult Muay Thai - Beginners

Wednesday 19:45pm

Adult Muay Thai - Advanced

Thursday 17:00pm

Junior Muay Thai - All Levels

Thursday 18:00pm

Adult Pad Blast

Friday 17:30pm

Junior Muay Thai - All Levels

Friday 18:30pm

Adult Muay Thai - All Levels

Saturday 11:00am

Junior Muay Thai - All Levels

Saturday 12:00pm

Adult Muay Thai - All Levels


Contact Details

13 Raleigh Industrial Park,
Camp Lane,
B21 8JF

Telephone: 0121 448 7537
Mobile: 07584 636 177



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UKMF Judges and Referee Course

BOOK NOW... Don't miss out!


Saturday 11th January 2020


Devas Club, 2A Stormant Road, Battersea, London SW11 5EH








Keith Allen: 07715 438578



BOOK NOW... Don't miss out!

The UKMF is responsible for the expansion of Muaythai throughout the United Kingdom (through supporting youth interest and athletes to learn the skills, assisting in the pursuit of excellence in the game, etc.). The UKMF’s primary objective is maintaining and promoting excellence in the Muaythai art – as a form of cultural art, self-defence and popular ring sport.

If you are interested in your club or gym becoming a member of the UKMF, please join using our app or via their website.

The UKMF website is evolving day by day with many developments in the pipeline, we have recently introduced an events calendar and a directory for contacting UKMF members. We hope you enjoy your visit. The UKMF is part of a World wide body who strive to unite and regulate Muaythai associations around the globe. Below are links through to the World Muaythai Council, the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur and the European Muaythai Federation.

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Liam Harrison V Roy Wills

Confirmed for MTGP in May 2020 🧨

Liam Harrison 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 V Roy Wills 🇦🇺

For the WBC MuayThai Welterweight Diamond 💎 Title 🏆 in Perth Australia!

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ONE: A New Tomorrow

ONE kicks off the new year with a BANG!

🇹🇭 10 JANUARY 🇹🇭

Check out the epic bouts lined up for Bangkok, featuring Rodtang Jitmuangnon vs. Jonathan Haggerty 2! 💥

Plus Liam Harrison vs. Mohammed Bin Mahmood 💥

🗓: Bangkok | 10 January | ONE: A NEW TOMORROW
🎟: Get your tickets 👉
🏨: Book your hotel 👉
📱: Watch on the ONE Super App 👉
👨‍💻: Prelims LIVE on Facebook 👉
🏷: Shop official merchandise 👉

Rodtang V Jonathan Haggerty | August 2019


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MTGP 30 & KGP 24

Official Fightcards

It’s been a long time coming for this much anticipated yet inevitable rematch between two veterans of the sport. UK number 5 in the -59kg division Jonno Chipchase fighting out of MFA out of Manchester, faces off against the Portuguese born former MTGP world champion Jose ‘The Pitbull’ Varela fighting of Team Tieu in London.

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Road to MTGP – Stoke

Official Fightcard

As always MTGP / KGP aim to bring you the very best Muay Thai & K1 Fights around and we are happy to announce the full fight card and running order for Road To MTGP Stoke this Saturday hosted at Fiction Nightclub (Henley/Stoke).

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