Excalibur 4

Sunday 23rd June 2019
13 St Paul's Square, Bedford MK40 1SL
Adults £30
Kids £20
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Im still matching for our next show, which is Sunday 23rd June.
Iska ruling is if a fighter has had 3 wins they are eligible to go for a Title.

My aim is to try and have the second half of the show as all title fights, Muay Thai, K1, Kickboxing, Boxing & Mma.

My only stipulation that I would ask, is that every fighter contending for a title sells at least 20 tickets each. (Stalls or Vip) There will also be a £5 commission on every ticket sold.

So if you have any fighters that are ready for titles please let me know when you send your fight lists in who they are, & what rules they will fight under.

Please email me your fight list?

Thanks 🙏🏾

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