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Official Fightcards

It’s been a long time coming for this much anticipated yet inevitable rematch between two veterans of the sport. UK number 5 in the -59kg division Jonno Chipchase fighting out of MFA out of Manchester, faces off against the Portuguese born former MTGP world champion Jose ‘The Pitbull’ Varela fighting of Team Tieu in London.

This fight is bound to be a cracker with Jonno who won on his debut on MTGP27 in BEC Arena in Manchester, whilst Varela who beat Chipchase twice before and will be coming out of retirement and will be hungry to make it 3-0.

Varela, although known for his aggressive style fought off the back foot winning their first two meetings. Can he make it 3 wins and make a statement that “The Pitbull” is back at MTGP30, or will Jonno who is a much more experience fighter now get to redeem himself and get revenge after all these years.

Whatever the outcome, this fight will surely leave you hungry for more!

Official Fightcards

Doors Open: 12:00PM

Fights Start: 1:00PM

  1. Danny Brown (Semtex Essex) V Callum Cox (Team Tieu) - N CLASS
  2. Kong Ngo (Kru Thai) V Paul Bossman (Team Tieu) - N CLASS
  3. Lewis Green (New Wave Academy) V Thomas Sondi (Team Tieu) - N CLASS
  4. Zisan Agca (Bloodline) V Elena Cresci (Team Tieu) - N CLASS
  5. Nathan Dryden (Contender Gym) V Niko Koh (Team Tieu) - N CLASS
  6. Karolina Pupelyte (Kru Thai) V Beth Leyland (Team Tieu) - N CLASS
  7. Josh Siddall (Tocuh Gloves) V Ibrahim Ozen (Team Tieu) - N CLASS
  8. Matt Sheffield (Pride Combat) V William Dryden (Bob Breen) - N CLASS
  9. Edwin Coox (Roche's Gym) V  Tom Hines K1 (IQ Muay Thai) - K1 AM
  10. Charlie Charalambides (Pride Combat) V Ryan Grover (Sky Walker Kickboxing) - K1 AM
  11. Nick Harding (Tocuh Gloves) V Gerry Garcia (Team Tieu) - K1 AM
  12. Patrick Crowley (Roche's Gym) V Xu Fueng (IQ Muay Thai) - K1 AM
  13. Taz Mushtak (Storm Gym) V Alejandro Vorfi (Assasins) - K1
  14. Ke Jinigiun (Sholin Temple) V Hasib Bin Tareq (MTMA) - K1


  1. Logan Ditondo (MFA) V Liam Patel (Team Tieu) - PR AM
  2. Miles Blay (Reigate Muay Thai) V Ashley Baldwin (Team Tieu) - B CLASS
  3. Pawel Pajak (Warrior Fight Club) V Damon Davis (K Star Lagacy) - B CLASS
  4. Sam Woodhouse (Jai Dee) V Yiannis Kaltabanopoulos (Team Tieu) - C CLASS
  5. Cartarina Jorge (Spain) V Jade Nichols (Scorpions) - C CLASS
  6. Ward Butt (MFA) V Fayi Bologan (Team Tieu) - C CLASS
  7. Francisco Betenni (Kru Thai) V Damien Gladstone (Semtex) - C CLASS
  8. Ollie Bailey (Jai Dee) V Joe Barnett (Team Tieu) - C CLASS
  9. Ali Asadi (Eastern Area) V Dan Cheung (Team Tieu) - C CLASS
  10. Mason Kinsella (Semtex Essex) V Joel Buckett (Team Tieu) - C CLASS
  11. Edan Regan (Touch Gloves) V Nouredine Yamani (Team Tieu) - C CLASS

MTGP 30 - UFC Fightpass

  1. Mitchell Balcomb (Jackapong) V Marcel Adeyemi (Team Tieu)
  2. Jonno Chipchase (MFA) V Jose Varela (Team Tieu)
  3. Amedauz (FSC) V Phil Casper (Bloodline) - MTGP European
  4. Simon Forrest (Rough Diamond) V Evan Jays (Team Tieu) - MTGP European
  5. Jack Cooper (Chok Dee) V Artur Saladiak (FSC) - MTGP European


  1. Amar Naab (Fight City) V Owen Evans (Fight for Peace) - K1
  2. Tomasz Zdanowski (Perun Gym) V Patrick Bryne (Team Tieu) - K1
  3. Jamie Petch (PCT gym) V Marlon Gillet (Team Tieu) - K1
  4. Dan Tracey (Pride Combat) V Sayeed Kamil (London Shoot Fighters) - K1
  5. Raphael Arguello (Perun Gym) V Ben Woolliss (Basement Martial Arts) - K1
  6. Kamil Sojkowski (Bloodline) V Wilker Barros (Team Tieu) - KGP European Title
  7. Erica Bjornestrand (Sweden) V Sarah Wordford (Falcon Kick Boxing) - KGP European Title Defence
  8. Grzegorz Marko (Perun Gym) V Daniel Lliev (Bulgaria) - KGP European Title Defence


indigo at The O2  - Millennium Way, Peninsula Square, London, United Kingdom SE10 0AX

MTGP 30 - Fightcard

KGP 24 - Fightcard

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