Road to MTGP – Stoke

Official Fightcard

As always MTGP / KGP aim to bring you the very best Muay Thai & K1 Fights around and we are happy to announce the full fight card and running order for Road To MTGP Stoke this Saturday hosted at Fiction Nightclub (Henley/Stoke).

Bout 1
WKU Junior British Title Bout
Shazaib Mohammed (Black Widow) V Tin Brown (Keynsham Combat Academy)

Bout 2 N Class Thai
Lewis Moore (Siam Camp) V Curtis Farrell (WIJJF)

Bout 3 N Class Thai
Will Connolly (Black Widow) V Bailey Rogers (Fighting Fit)

Bout 4 N Class Thai
Shaun Ryan (Kstar Legacy) V Daniel Rozynski (Siam Camp)

Bout 5 N Class Thai
Rob Sharply (Studio 2000) V Jerum Agbude (First Legion)

Bout 6 C Class Thai
Kamil Bilas (MSA Stockport) V Harry Martin (Gosport Martial Arts)

Bout 7 K1 Rules
Ben Wood (8 Limbs MT) V Przemek Fabifiak (Rough Diamonds)

Bout 8 C Class Thai
Wez Brown(Stoke Thai) V Mark Tate (Fighting Fit)

Bout 9 C Class Thai
Ilir John(Studio 2000) V Josh Thomas (Rough Diamonds)

Bout 10 C Class Thai
Dawid Lis (MSA) V Michael Clarke (Team Jai Dee)

Bout 11 C Class Thai
Craig Conway (Stoke Thai) V Jordan Matthews(Kstar Legacy)

Bout 12 C Class Thai
Damon Davis (Kstar Legacy) V Sam Woodhouse (Team Jai Dee)


Bout 13 Pro Am Thai
Helen Gallimore (Black Widow) V Sophie Evans (Padman Sam)

Bout 14 C Class Thai
Jack Beech (Stoke Thai) V Lloyd Evans (Beales Thai)

Bout 15 Pro Am Thai
Mark Burns Marky B (Black Widow) V Samraj Gill(First Legion)

Bout 16 Pro Am Thai
Jack Briggs (Stoke Thai) V Karl Beck(Team Jai Dee)

Bout 17 Pro Am Thai
Sharn Shelly (Kstar Legacy) V Tom Field (Woking Thai)

Bout 18 B Class Thai
Dave Perkins (Stoke Thai) V Matt Ball (Fighting Fit)

Bout 19 K1 Rules
Antonio Van Der Velde (Kstar Legacy) V Paul Hamil (TMAS)

Bout 20 Pro K1
Lukas Chetwyn (Stoke Thai) V Matt Cadle (Woking Thai)

Bout 21 B Class Pro Am
Tasha Hingley (Kstar Legacy) V Danni Neilan (SBG Dublin)

Bout 22 Pro K1
KGP British Title Bout
Charlie O’Neill (First Legion) V Aurimas Jonisas (Hakuda Gym)

Bout 23 Pro K1
KGP International Prestige Bout
Jay Steele (Stoke Thai) V Franck Kanate (Italy)

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